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Red star impact crusher advocates innovative new concepts



2020-06-26 03:57:53 1047

The impact crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment. Compared with the cone crusher and the jaw crusher, the unique advantages of the impact crusher have created a lot of room for development, and it is a kind of crushing equipment with great development prospects. , The applicable material has a wide range of hardness, so in many occasions we can see the working scene of the impact crusher.

The impact crusher is used in limestone. Because of the physical characteristics of limestone, it is a relatively soft material, and the impact crusher is the main body of the limestone crushing system. The crushing cavity of the machine can safely receive large pieces of material and crush it, but does not compact it. The material does not overload the crusher, and each piece of material must be squeezed in the calibration area to form a uniform output of the required particle size and has a large processing capacity. The material can pass freely during the extrusion interval to improve the processing capacity. Acceptable crushing cavity The shape and the inclination of the bus bar, the eccentricity of the crushing cone and the swing frequency are combined to ensure smaller power and liner consumption under the premise of a given output granularity and processing capacity.

The impact of impact crusher on the material crushing mainly includes the following processes. The first step is the free crushing stage. The material enters the crushing cavity and is immediately impacted by the high-speed plate hammer. The materials collide with each other and the plate hammer The friction between the material and the material makes the material in the crushing cavity to be crushed by the ceramic ball mill.

Compared with the jaw crusher, the characteristics of the impact crusher are It is small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and selective ore crushing. The advantages of impact crusher make it a stone production line and system Indispensable equipment for sand production line.

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