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Red Stars unique single-stage crusher



2020-08-20 12:57:54 1059

In nature, there are many types of ore, including high-hardness and medium-hardness. According to the nature of the ore, we use different crushers to crush, and for general brittle ores, we use single-stage crushers. , Redstar single-stage crusher can be said to be unique.
Redstar single-stage crusher is the navigation product of the crushing sand industry, the trend of crushers, the three-in-one crusher of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, The finished product after crushing can reach 05mm. It has the following characteristics
1 and other multi-stage crushing, it can achieve the crushing effect in one stage, which can reduce the investment
2 simple operation and convenient maintenance. The labor intensity is greatly reduced.
3 It is suitable for the working environment with large amount of materials and more wet soil.
4 Safe and reliable work, low power consumption, can extend the use of vulnerable parts such as hammer heads Lifetime
5 Large production capacity, its maximum discharge particle size can be less than or equal to 100mm
6 It can be used for both dry and wet purposes, which changes the defect that the traditional single-stage crusher cannot crush wet materials.
With the development of social economy, crushing equipment wants to survive and develop in an increasingly competitive market, and requires more innovation and research and development. The single-stage crusher produced by Redstar was born under such an environment. The emergence of the crusher industry is an epoch-making reform.