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Related Structural Design of Jaw Crusher Bearing



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The related structural design of the jaw crusher bearing includes the position of the bearing relative to the frame, the axial positioning of the bearing, the bearing seal and the frame bearing seat, etc. .

The jaw crusher is widely used and is the vanguard of the major sand and gravel production lines.

The relative position of the bearing frame
< In the height direction, the position of the eccentric shaft is called the suspension point of the movable jaw. In order to obtain a good movement trajectory of the movable jaw of the feed inlet and the discharge outlet, low suspension or zero suspension is usually recommended. In the width direction, the jaw type The width center of the crusher frame bearing should match the thickness center of the frame side plate as much as possible. At this time, the additional torque of the flywheel cantilever to the bearing will be the smallest. The more the gun body, the more it cannot be pulled back, right

Gold Mine Jaw Crusher Production Workshop Jaw Crusher Frame

Bearing Axial Positioning

Moving Jaw Bearing The inner side of the inner ring is positioned by the shoulder of the eccentric shaft, and the outer side is finally tightened and positioned by the round nut by the shaft sealing cover with the aid of the frame bearing. The inner side of the movable jaw bearing outer ring is not positioned, and the outer side is positioned by the movable jaw sealing cover. When this cover is tightened with bolts, A paper gasket can be used to adjust the axial gap to make it tight. The cover bolts should be designed more and as large as possible. The axial force on the tooth plate is transmitted to the bearing through the movable jaw, which is mainly borne by the cover. Gold Mine Heavy Industry understands that once the bolts are not enough or large, the bolts here will be loose and unable to position the movable jaw bearing. The inner ring of the bearing of the jaw crusher frame is positioned by the shaft seal cover on the eccentric shaft. A reliable design is to move The outer side of the inner ring of the jaw bearing and the inner side of the inner ring of the frame bearing use the same sealing cover. This cover must rotate with the shaft when straddling the eccentric shaft, and will not generate heat due to relative rotation.

The jaw plate, a key component of the jaw crusher,

Bearing seal

When the bearing is lubricated with grease, the jaw crusher generally uses a labyrinth seal, according to the seal position The labyrinth can be radial or axial. Generally, radial seals are easier to arrange. For large-size jaw crushers, due to the larger deflection of the eccentric shaft, it is easy to cause the labyrinth to collide, and a larger gap is used. To strengthen the labyrinth For the sealing effect, a special grease hole can be set in the labyrinth, and hard grease can be added to seal the bearing.

Gold Mine Crusher Production Workshop Crusher Bearing

Frame bearing seat

The movable jaw bearing is installed in the movable jaw bearing hole, there is no separate bearing seat, and the frame bearing seat has two types, split type and integral type, due to the jaw crusher The main stress direction of the frame bearing is often about 15 from the vertical direction, so it is not suitable to use horizontally split upper and lower split bearing seats, especially large-size bearings, otherwise the split bearing seat will be affected by the heavy impact load of the tilt. Lateral force will cause the inner hole to deform and damage the bearing.

Gold Mine Jaw Crusher produces Jaw crusher bearing seat in production workshop

The jaw crusher is a common equipment in the sand and gravel production line, and it is also the vanguard of most crushing production lines. It has a wide range of applications and has a large feed diameter. Large output, long life and many other advantages.

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As the saying goes, knowing ourselves, knowing the enemy, and fully understanding the related structural design of the jaw crusher bearing and other related information will help us to better choose the jaw crusher and be more productive during installation and use. Users who are interested in the crusher and want to learn more about the jaw crusher can consult Henan Gold Mine for free, and there will be professional technicians to serve you online in real time.