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Reliable performance of the jaw crusher



2020-07-12 18:57:54 1035

The width of the inlet and outlet of the crusher is expressed by B and length L. For example, a 9001200 mm jaw crusher means that the width of its demining nozzle is 900 mm and the length is 1200 mm.

The jaw crusher can be divided into three types: large, medium and small according to the width of the entrance and exit. The remaining feed exceeds 600 mm, the width is large, the wide-mouth feed is 300 to 600 mm, and the wide-mouth feed is not less than 300 Millimeters are small. The expected population of the largest block of E to the ore crusher exceeds the width of 1520, which is the largest obstacle to the expected maximum D0.850.8B.

Ore crushing and sorting before grinding. A prerequisite is mineral processing to make beneficial ore to achieve monomer separation. Due to the presence of beneficial minerals in the monomer, the particle size is very small, and sometimes ground iron ore is required The fineness of less than 0.074 mm is 80, and even more will have to make beneficial minerals to achieve monomer separation. The blockage from the stope is to a large extent, such as open-pit mining blocks up to 1000 mm, which is as high as 1000 mm The mines only have dozens of broken micrometers (1 micron 11000 mm), fine particles, and are often completed in several stages. Not a system, in large-scale processing plants, generally three large, medium and small broken (there are four parts used) , Gradually reduce the particle size of the pieces of ore by about 825 mm, and then grinder the beneficial mineral particles until the separation of the monomer is achieved so far.