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Repair welding or brush plating to repair the broken shaft head of hammer



2020-10-08 21:57:54 1100

We all know that the crushed materials of the hammer crusher are mainly broken by the hammering force of the hammer and are subjected to the reaction force. Among them, the bearing shaft head is the most stressed, and the shaft head is a special part with high toughness and wear resistance. , But as the use time of hammer breaks increases, the shaft head is gradually damaged. The usual repair method is to repair welding or brush plating and then rework and repair, but this method has great potential hazards, we must be aware of it.

When the shaft head is damaged, it must be repaired or reworked after brush plating. The hazard is that when the repair welding method is used, the thermal stress from the repair welding low temperature repair acts on the shaft On the head, and will not be eliminated with cooling, it will also cause damage to the bearing material, resulting in bending or fracture of the parts

and brush plating repair, Limited by the thickness of the brush plating layer, the repair layer is easy to fall off and cannot be used as a real repair. At the same time, the above two shaft head repair methods are metal repair metal, which cannot be transformed into a hard-to-hard reciprocal relationship. Under the action, it will still cause wear again.

However, after years of research and the introduction of foreign equipment, Gold Mine Machinery has developed a new type of bearing shaft head. The shaft head not only has strong toughness and wear resistance, but also has a special repair method after wear, which makes the companys hammer crusher have a longer service life and greatly reduces equipment maintenance costs. Gold Mine is holding a year-end purchase discount activity, and intends to purchase equipment Friends of please dont miss the opportunity.