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Safe operation of hammer crusher



2020-11-29 00:57:54 1041

Hammer crushers are widely used in recent years, not only for crushing coal, bricks, limestone and other materials, but also for crushing fiber structures, such as some crushed wood, paper and asbestos cement waste. It can be widely used in various departments such as cement plants and power plants.

1 Perform correct operations in the order of starting and stopping.

2 When starting an empty vehicle, empty the material in the crushing chamber before stopping.

3 When conducting inspections, you must wear labor protection equipment correctly and ensure your personal safety .

4 Regularly check the wear and tear of some components, for example, whether there are cracks in the hammer head, whether the hammer head connection is loose, whether the transmission belt and the protective cover of the coupling are loose. Whether there is any looseness, fasten it in time if there is any looseness.

5 Pay attention to observe whether there is abnormal sound or vibration during the operation of the hammer crusher, because the hammer crusher is stable in operation When an abnormality is found, it should be dealt with in time and corresponding measures should be taken. In addition, if the crusher is running, if there is an abnormal crushing sound, it should be shut down immediately.

6 The feed size of the hammer crusher is Strictly stipulated, pay attention to observe whether there is a large block that exceeds the feed size requirement in the unloading pit. If it is found to be exceeded, it should be stopped immediately for processing. Keep the feeding uniform and pay attention not to feed metal debris.