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Safe production of quarry crushing production line is greater than the sky



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The crushed stone production line is a relatively hot investment project at the moment. A complete crushed stone production line mainly includes the main crusher feeder belt conveyor vibrating screen centralized electric control and other equipment. Each equipment complements each other to achieve high production. Life is more important than everything. In recent years, for mine production, people not only pay attention to the production lines capacity, quality and environmental protection, but also pay more attention to the safety of production. Therefore, the safe production of the quarry crushing production line is greater than the sky. Here is a brief introduction to some quarry crushed stones. Precautions in production.

Gold Mine crushed stone large-scale crushed stone production line site

1 Each crushed stone production line machine is equipped with an instruction manual Before operating and using the equipment, the staff should read the manual, understand the operation principle of the equipment and related precautions, and use the equipment correctly and reasonably. The inspection work, such as whether the equipment is fully lubricated and whether the relevant parts are fastened, etc.

3 When the equipment is running, the staff shall not approach the equipment, shall not open the cover to inspect the inside of the equipment, and shall not move the crushing cavity by hand

The jaw crusher inlet of the commonly used crusher in the crushing production line, large crushing diameter and large crushing ratio

4 The size of the processed material must not be larger than the maximum feed size of the crusher, otherwise the equipment will be damaged, and the phenomenon of unbreakable stones flying out and accidentally injuring the staff will occur.

5 When the equipment is stopped, wait for the crushing After all the stones in the cavity are broken and removed, it can be shut down.

6 The equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained, and the equipment should be placed reasonably and correctly to extend the service life of the equipment.

Gold Mine crushed stone production line can be operated reasonably on site to achieve high production.

Safety is greater than the sky, and quarry users should use and operate crushing equipment reasonably and correctly during crushed stone production. , Do a good job of inspection before starting and maintenance and maintenance after use. Reasonable and correct use of crushing equipment can not only ensure safe and stable production, but also extend the service life of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs in use, and save operating costs.

Gold Mine staff is leading users to visit the crushing production line on site

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