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Safety issues in the use of jaw crushers cannot be ignored



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Jaw crushers are widely used in the production of all kinds of sand and gravel. They are experts in coarse crushing of large-diameter materials and are very practical. The jaw crushers produced by Gold Mine are very good in terms of configuration and production capacity. Over the years, it has been well received by users and friends. Below, Henan Gold Mine will share some safety precautions during the use of the jaw crusher.

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Reasonable use of the jaw crusher

The feed specification of the jaw crusher shall not exceed 0.85 times the size of the mine opening.

The 2 jaw crusher must be started without load.

The 3 jaw crusher is suitable for rough and medium crushing of hard and medium hard ores.

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Preparation and Inspection before Operation

1 The jaw crusher must be started before starting The thin oil lubrication system can be started after the oil return is normal.

2 Operate the manual dry oil cup to make sufficient oil at each lubrication point.

3 Pair each manual dry oil cup Twist and add oil.

4 While supplying oil, check whether the oil system is blocked or leaking.

5 Check that the various instruments are normal.

6 Check whether there are ore or other non-crushed objects in the crushing cavity.

7 Check whether the electrical interlocking device, light signal and protective facilities are complete and functioning.

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Starting operation method

After completing the above inspection and preparation work, it can be started.

1 Start the lubrication system, and start the ventilation and water supply systems at the same time.

2 Start the lower ore transport system of the jaw crusher according to the process.

3Empty Load and start the jaw crusher.

4 After normal operation, start the mine feeding system.

5Startup is complete.

6There are points The jaw crusher of the segment starting device should be started according to the jaw crusher start procedure.

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Shutdown operation and emergency shutdown treatment

1 The jaw crusher must be shut down after all the ore is discharged.

2 When shutting down, the ore system should be stopped first.

3The oil pump and cooling water system can be stopped after the main engine has been shut down for 5 minutes.

4If the following situations occur, an emergency stop should be made.

(1) Main bearing or movable jaw The bearing heats up rapidly over 80C, and the surface phenomenon is that the back of the hand touches the bearing seat and cannot last for one second.

(2) before or The rear thrust plate is broken.

(3) When the high-speed rotating transmission part is loose and broken, it may fly out and hurt people.

(4) When the motor emits smoke and sweeps the bore.

5 Emergency shutdown should meet the following requirements

(1) When the bearing is shut down due to high temperature, it cannot be shut down immediately.

(2) The high temperature shutdown should be the first Stop feeding the ore, increase the amount of oil, forced air cooling or water cooling, and stop the machine after the bearing temperature drops.

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Precautions for safe operation

1 During operation, always monitor whether various instruments are normal and whether there are abnormal sounds in various parts.

2 Jaw crusher hydraulic pressure The electrical interlocking system cannot be dismantled under any circumstances.

3 When the machine is running, no people should stick to the jaw crushers rotating surface.

4 Personnel must not use their hands during operation. Remove the large ore or other items that enter the machine.

5 When processing the jaw crusher to block the ore, you should first dispose of the ore on the head of the miner, and then process it from the upper part. Turn the car or handle upward from the lower part of the discharge port.

6 When the lower funnel of the jaw crusher is blocked, you should contact the mining machine and the belt conveyor position, and disconnect the belt conveyor power switch , Send a special person to supervise.

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In addition to buying a jaw crusher, you must choose the quality , Gold Mine Machine reminds you that you still need to run the machine strictly in accordance with the safety operating procedures, in order to extend the service life of the machine to the greatest extent and reduce the cost of investment. You serve.