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Safety operation regulations for high-production vertical shaft impact crusher



2020-11-30 15:57:54 1123

The high-yield vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) is an advanced level of high-yield sand making equipment developed through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of sand making in China. This equipment is suitable for high-rise buildings and high-speed railway construction. Large-scale water conservancy engineering facilities and concrete mixing and other fields provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregates. Under the premise of high-yield, energy-saving, economical and environmental protection, the safe operation of this equipment is also an issue that cannot be ignored by enterprises. The following describes the vertical shaft impact crusher Safe operation regulations.

1 The operator must be familiar with the model specifications, performance parameters and applicable scope of the equipment, and remember what can be used and what cannot be used.

2 Before starting the equipment, carefully check the eligibility of the various indicators, the in-position of various protective devices, and the direction of the feed inlet to see the direction of rotation of the impeller. It must be turned counterclockwise. Check the previous When the equipment is started, first start the discharge and conveying equipment behind the sand making machine, and then start the sand making machine. After confirming that it is running smoothly, confirm whether it can be turned on.

3. The materials can be fed and the feeding is even.

4 The delivered materials must be guaranteed to meet the specified requirements, and those that exceed the specified range should be eliminated in time to avoid the crusher from not working properly.

5 During the operation of the equipment, pay attention to check the temperature of the bearing, whether there is severe vibration and abnormal noise, and stop the operation of the equipment in time if there is an abnormal situation, check the fault, and clear the hidden danger before starting work.

6 The discharge port in the production process must be unblocked and free from obstruction.

7The operator should do a 3060-minute inspection of the equipment and solve the problem in time.

8 After the production is completed, the feeding must be stopped before the machine is stopped, and the machine can be stopped after confirming that there is no crushing noise in the crushing chamber, and then the discharge and conveying equipment is closed.

9 After the machine stops, Turn off the power to check the equipment, check whether there is excessive wear and tear, whether to debug and replace, and make a careful record.

10 The equipment should be added with grease every 810 hours.