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Seize opportunities in the world mining market



2020-08-14 06:57:54 1054

Seizing opportunities in the world mining market. From the perspective of the world mining machinery market in 2011, mining machinery has accelerated its growth rate every year. Among them, the demand generated by Chinas huge infrastructure construction is a major factor. From 2008 to 2010 , The number of mining machinery sold in the Chinese market surpasses the North American market. In 2011, Chinas mining machinery output may account for 50% of the worlds total output.

The worlds mining machinery Production and demand are shifting to China, which has continuously prompted the worlds major manufacturers to open factories in China, attracting their main component manufacturers to China, and since then hindered the development of Chinas mining machinery. , And gradually changed as major component manufacturers set up factories in China.

The fierce competition in the mining machinery market has made the current market circulation Enough to complete the current engineering project. Relevant people believe that from the perspective of the future development trend of the world mining machinery industry, the ability of manufacturers to provide a package of services is more and more important to occupy a favorable competitive market in the future. These capabilities include whether the products can be manufactured The production of a complete set of production, also includes the manufacturer should provide support in terms of purchase, because the sales of many machines will be realized through loans. The overall level of Chinas mining machinery is still far behind the level of foreign advanced mining machines. Product design is manufacturing The soul of the product, the structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time, manufacturability, maintainability, post-processing, and the relationship between man-machine and environment, etc., are all determined in the product design stage in principle.

Henans crushers and other products can be applied to most of the production of crushing, grinding, processing, screening, washing, etc.From the development of Chinas mining machinery, the companys products have very good sales prospects. At present, the development of domestic mineral resources and the reuse of waste resources require more and better equipment to complete, and the overseas market is very broad. Developing countries are satisfied with Chinas mining machinery and equipment, which will be the driving force for our sustainable development. . The competition of mining machinery manufacturers to expand the market, from price wars to technical wars, from R&D wars to the ability to provide a complete set of services, is increasingly testing the competitiveness of an enterprise. In an economic market where there is too much money, the enterprise itself is constantly improved Integral strength is the magic weapon for the company to occupy the advantageous market. The reporter learned from Henan Qiangli Co., Ltd. that the continuous improvement of the companys complete stone production line, sand production line, construction waste recycling and complete set of crushing and screening equipment, etc. will be the companys future development. The most important thing is to provide strength guarantee for product marketing at home and abroad.

Most mining machinery companies have gradually begun to target foreign markets, due to the gradual development of the network. It has become very easy to acquire foreign customers. Customers from the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other regions and countries are increasingly choosing to purchase equipment in China. There are two main characteristics of purchasing equipment in China. The main features are One of the points is that the price is cheap. There are more domestic machines and the competition is fierce. Therefore, in order to compete for the market, major manufacturers have tempted to monopolize the market with low prices, which has caused the price of the machinery industry to drop to the bottom. Especially after the financial crisis, some small Manufacturers have closed down one after another, and individual large-scale manufacturers have shrunk. Only when the mining industry continues to grow, will it usher in better, higher technological development, and greater development paths. Henan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Breaking the waves persists and is committed to equipment innovation. (Source: Cone Crusher )