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Solution to damage of grate plate in hammer crusher



2020-08-16 06:57:54 1066

Hammer crushers will have grate damage during use, and there are many solutions and maintenance methods. Today, the crusher equipment network will introduce you to some common maintenance methods for hammer crushers.

The damage of the grate plate is mainly manifested as the fracture of the grate frame body ribs, and the grate bars are bent or broken. The main reason is that the hammer crusher ribs are protruding too high and the strength is not enough. When there are metal blocks When entering the hammer crusher, it hits the hammer head, causing damage to the grate. Solution

(1) Lower the height of the ribs of the hammer crusher to 50mm higher than the grate. It is appropriate to weld a reinforcing plate on the side to increase the strength.

(2) Minimize the occurrence of metal blocks entering the hammer crusher. On the one hand, we must strengthen management and cooperate with suppliers When signing the raw material procurement contract, it is emphasized that there should be no metal lump in the limestone. If there is metal lump, they must be liable for compensation for the loss caused by them. Supervise the post workers to strengthen inspections, and when they hear abnormal metal impacts When the sound is heard, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the metal blocks in the machine should be removed. In addition, technical measures such as installing permanent magnets or electromagnetic separators can also be considered!

The hammer crusher will have grate damage during use. If the phenomenon occurs, there are many ways to solve it and repair it. The above is the crusher equipment network to introduce you to some common repair methods of hammer crushers. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have other crusher equipment consultations, you can directly Call 037167772727.