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Solutions to the hardened and agglomerated oil of the jaw crusher



2020-09-04 15:57:54 1040

In the concentrator industry, we often find that the grease in the jaw crusher is hardened or agglomerated. This phenomenon can easily cause the bearing rotor to turn and jam or burn out. The main cause of agglomeration hardening is the jawThe crushing is caused by the high temperature and high dust working environment for a long time, and the use of higher viscosity butter, then how to solve this situation

to reduce the dynamicsThe temperature in the jaw body is the main one, and the oil with lower viscosity is selected. On the back of the movable jaw body, a cooling water tank is welded with a 3mm steel plate. The width of the water tank is shorter than that of the movable jaw body to maximize the cooling water and the movable jaw body.The contact area shall prevail, which does not affect the refueling, does not affect the maintenance and hoisting. The cooling wastewater of the Roots blower is introduced into the water tank for circulation, and only a small amount of drainage is required. The hose is connected to the water tank, and the renovation cost is less than 200 yuan.The lubricant is changed from No. 3 lithium base grease to No. 3 calcium base grease.