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Solve the worries about the wear of the crusher cavity



2020-08-03 12:57:54 1068

The crusher will inevitably be worn during use. We should reduce the wear and solve the worries of the crusher.

The liner is the main part of the crusher. After the wear, the liner is uneven and broken. The cavity loses the shape of the original crushing cavity, resulting in a low liner life and a decline in the technical and economic indicators of the crusher. Therefore, the crushing cavity of this type of crusher should be improved. There are too many factors that affect the wear of the liner, such as the hardness of the material, the abrasiveness, the particle size, and the material being crushed. Even if these factors are the same, due to the different shape of the crushing cavity for the same crusher, the wear of the liner will be different.

During the operation of the crusher, the number of crushed materials entering the parallel zone of the crusher is the largest, and thereafter it has dropped sharply. Therefore, the parallel zone is subject to strong wear and the crusher passes through After several days of operation, the parallel zone gradually changes. With the wear of the liner and the degree of change in the contour of the crushing cavity, the material that is crushed along the height of the crushing cavity is more evenly distributed. There are the contour dimensions of the crushing cavity within the limit wear range of the liner. In particular, the parallel zone no longer exists in the later stage, and the entire cavity shape completely loses its original contour. At this time, the size of the feed port is reduced by about 1.41.7 times, and the number of materials processed by the feed port is the largest. Because the parallel area is not Existence makes the quality of products deteriorate, and the output of crushers also decreases.

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