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Structural composition of Henan double roller crusher



2020-11-23 12:57:54 1109

The counter-roll crusher is a kind of common roller crusher, also known as the counter-roll crusher. In the process of continuous improvement, the structure of the equipment is also continuously optimized. Many counter-roll crusher manufacturers have undergone structural improvements. , The sales in the market has further increased, and it has been well received by more users. The following introduces what are the structural components of the Henan roller crusher

1. Feeding device

In the upper part of the roller crusher body, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder is generally installed to feed uniformly. When the thickness of the feed volume is adjusted and controlled, it can be controlled by the adjustment range set inside the feeder. .

2. Crushing roller device

The crushing roller device of the roller crusher can be divided into an upper roller, a lower roller and a swinging device. The swinging roller is a movable roller, and the upper and lower rollers It is a fixed roller during work. According to production needs, the swing roller can be adjusted within a certain range to control the gap between the swing roller and the upper and lower rollers.

3. Roll gap adjustment structure

In the design of the roller crusher, a small gap is also designed in it to ensure the stroke control mechanism, effectively avoiding direct contact between the two rollers during the transmission process and causing their own damage.

4 .Transmission device and frame

The transmission device of the Henan roller crusher is driven by two ordinary motors or variable frequency motors. The frame is a welding mechanism and has a metal cover or a cleaning baffle. , There is a material guide plate and a cleaning scraper on the frame.

5. The electric control hydraulic lubrication system part

The roller is broken The electric control system of the machine adopts PLC control, the operation is more automatic, and it is convenient for remote control in the control room. In addition, the hydraulic system is mainly used for maintenance and adjustment of the gap between the crushing rollers and further safe production.

Production by Henan Gold Mine Machinery The roller crusher has a complete model and advanced structure. For more information on the price and components of the roller crusher, you can consult Henan Gold Mine Machinery for free.