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Structural optimization design of adjusting seat of jaw crusher



2020-10-19 00:57:54 1107

Optimized design of adjusting seat

In order to make the adjusting seat better withstand the crushing force and reduce elastic deformation, so that it can better meet the requirements of ore crushing, the Gold Mine manufacturer has limited the structure of the jaw crusher adjusting seat. Meta optimization calculation. Use CosmoslWorks engineering analysis software to optimize the structure of the adjustment seat.

The jaw crusher has a large feed diameter and can be used for coarse crushing of large stones

Optimization analysis of adjustment seat

After the finite element optimization module has optimized the structure of the adjustment seat of the jaw crusher, the size of the adjustment seat is significantly increased because of the ribs. The force acts directly on this surface. Increasing this size is equivalent to thickening the force surface, which has a significant effect on the reasonable distribution of stress, and the fillet radius of the device is also significantly increased.

Jaw crusher adjusting seat

Adjusting seat structure improvement plan

By optimizing the design and analysis of the jaw crusher adjusting seat structure, Increasing the thickness of the rib bearing surface and reducing the thickness of the upper and lower walls can not only reduce the weight of the adjustment seat, but also increase the strength of the adjustment seat and improve the stress concentration. The design of the adjustment seat structure must consider many factors, such as the adjustment seat For steel castings, each wall thickness should be as uniform as possible. This can increase the strength and rigidity, but also reduce its volume, and make the wall thickness of the castings as uniform as possible.

Comparison of the finite element calculation results of the adjustment seat before and after the structural improvement

The material constraint load grid of the optimized and improved jaw crusher of Henan Gold Mine is different from that before the structural improvement. The service life has been significantly improved.

As a member of the crushing equipment family, the jaw crusher has the advantages of large feed diameter, large crushing ratio and high output. It is welcomed by the majority of sand and gravel users. And the jaw crusher has been around for a long time. In practice, it has been continuously optimized and upgraded. The performance of the equipment has been continuously improved, the practicability is strong, and the investment cost is low. As long as the user chooses the right manufacturer and equipment, the jaw crusher The crusher is crying to help you achieve low investment and high return.

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