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Structure composition and characteristics of impact crusher



2020-08-08 06:57:54 1059

The daily maintenance of the rotor of the impact crusher, such as the replacement of the hammer head and hammer head, is mainly carried out through the movable casing. The casing of the impact hammer crusher is generally welded by steel plate. The inner wall is inlaid with manganese steel liner. Play a protective role. The feeding hopper on the top of the casing and the upper casing are usually fixed and only need to be disassembled when replacing or overhauling the rotor. The lower casing is fixed and plays a role of supporting the entire crusher. The bottom of the casing is equipped with a grate plate or screen to discharge the material.

Although the technological content and the crushing process have undergone great changes, the crusher has experienced Half a century of development. The principle of the crushing structure of the sand and gravel production line has not changed. The professional and technical personnel of our company will mainly introduce the internal structure and characteristics of the impact crusher.

The impact crusher is mainly composed of a hammer rotor and a casing, including a transmission shaft. The impact hammer, a semicircular upper guard plate, a lower sieve plate, a feed port, and a counterattack plate are composed of the hammer rotor of the impact hammer crusher. It is composed of hammer head, rotating shaft, turntable, belt pulley, flywheel, bearing seat and other parts. The shell of impact hammer crusher is mainly composed of feed hopper, upper shell, lower shell and movable shell.

There are mainly two types: polyline and arc. The polyline-shaped counterattack surface can make the materials on the counterattack board impact in an approximate vertical direction, and the ball mill counterattacks There are many types of plates. Therefore, a better crushing effect can be obtained. After the arc-shaped counterattack surface can make the material bounce from the counterattack plate, the center area of the circle forms a fierce impact crushing zone to increase the free impact crushing effect of the material. The rotor of the crusher is mostly made of integral cast steel, the structure is strong and durable, the hammer is easy to install, and the quality is large, which can meet the crushing requirements. The rotor of the small and light impact crusher can also be welded by steel plate. The shape of the hammer It is closely related to the fastening method and the working load. The design of the blower should meet the requirements of reliable work, easy handling and improved utilization of the blower metal. The blower is generally made of high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear-resistant alloy steel. There are many shapes of hammers, including a long T-shaped S-shaped I-shaped axe and a grooved type. Now they are generally long.

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