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Take the reasonable choice of hammer crusher as a rigid measure



2020-07-07 12:57:54 1097

The reasonable choice of hammer crushers is a rigid measure. Professional crushers used in the mining machinery industry include hammer crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers, compound crushers, counter-roll crushers, and impact crushers. Etc. The following is a brief introduction to the hammer crusher

The first type of heavy hammer crusher (ring hammer crusher) is abbreviated as

hammer crusher, mainly suitable for Crush the minerals of various brittle materials. The crushed materials are coal salt, white subgypsum, alum bricks, limestone, etc.

The second type of impact crusher

also known as sand making machine It is widely used in the medium and fine crushing (sand making) of various hard and brittle materials such as various rock abrasives, refractories, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregates, etc. PCL series impact crushers (sand making machines) are used in construction Sand and gravel for road construction is better

The third type of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and a uniform product size. The structure is simple, reliable, and easy to maintain and operate. Cost economy and other characteristics

The fourth type of impact crusher

For short, it is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials, such as limestone crushing in cement plants. It has a large production capacity. The advantages of small discharge particle size

The fifth type of compound crusher

Abbreviation (composite crusher) is suitable for building materials, mining, metallurgy and chemical industries. With the process of industrialization in China, The requirements for the equipment used in industrial development are also getting higher and higher. Then the choice becomes very important. Limestone clinker coal and other ores. Features large production capacity, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, good sealing, stable operation and maintenance Convenient, Gold Mine Hammer Crusher advocates low-carbon production line

The sixth type of roller crusher

Roll crusher (roller crusher, roller crusher) It is used for crushing and finely crushing various ores and rocks below medium hardness in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, chemical cement, building materials.

Accurately mastering the use of various hammer crushers, you can combine your own Need to choose a reasonable hammer crusher.