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Technical characteristics of CS series cone crusher



2020-07-04 06:57:54 1055

1. High performance

The cone crusher cavity design is combined with better and reasonable speed and stroke, which can make more power under the same flexible cone. Therefore, this cone crusher It has higher performance and more similar production capacity of cone crusher.

Multi-cavity cone crusher

2, more Good particle components

With the principle of broken layer, the final product has a high proportion of cubic shapes, a low proportion of needle-shaped stones, and a more uniform particle size.

3, High stability

When some non-broken materials like iron enter the machine, the iron transfer protection device will automatically release them, and then return to the original position. The iron transfer protection device has a fixed discharge port return point, So that it can return to the original discharge after opening, non-ferrous materials, pass through the crushing cavity.

4, to facilitate cavity cleaning

If the crusher stops working under overload conditions, the hydraulic The cavity cleaning system will quickly clean the crushing cavity, which will greatly reduce the shutdown time.

5, high reliability

We use large-capacity RAM spindles, and the main machine frame And an independent light oil automatic control lubrication system, to ensure a powerful equipment structure and reliable functions.

Hydraulic cone crusher

6,onvenient maintenance and operation

Relevant spare parts can be torn apart from the top and side panels, so there is no fixed and flexible cone. Bronze sliding bearing, can maintain the quality of high impact vibration In the case of crushing conditions, it is more economical and more convenient than rolling to undertake maintenance.

7, low production cost

With the high reliability of production capacity, maintenance Convenient, greatly reducing production costs.

8, a wide range of applications

CS series Simmons cone crushers can make their own advantages.

The CS series Simmons cone crusher is suitable for super coarse and fine crushing of various crushing processes, from fixed crushing to mobile crushing, a wide range of crushing and ultra coarse cavity crushing options for fine crushing, which means that we can choose the crushing cavity of the crushing process. br/>
9, we adopt an oil lubrication system with isolation and multi-point independent control light to ensure the double protection of its load, thus realizing the automatic protection of the whole machine.

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