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Tell me how I care for the hammer crusher



2020-10-22 00:57:54 1080

As an operator of a hammer crusher, I have summarized some notes on how to care for the hammer crusher in my daily life for so many years. Today, I will publish a diary about my care for the hammer crusher. It is helpful to our hammer crusher users and can remind our hammer crusher operators to cherish our hammer crusher.

During the operation, care must be taken to feed the ore evenly. The ore is not allowed to fill the crushing cavity, and the size of the ore block should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the ore port. At the same time, pay attention to the shovel teeth of the electric shovel and the drill bit of the drilling machine when feeding the mine. Non-broken objects enter the crusher. Once these non-broken objects are found to enter the crushing cavity and pass through the discharge port of the machine, they should immediately notify the belt transportation post to take them out in time to avoid entering the next section of the crusher and causing serious equipment accidents. During operation, if the ore is fed too much or the crushing cavity is blocked, the ore feeding should be suspended. After the ore in the crushing cavity is crushed, the miner is started, but at this time, the crusher is not allowed to stop and always pay attention to large ore blocks. The feed port of the crusher is stuck. If it is stuck, an iron hook must be used to turn the ore. If a large piece of ore needs to be taken out of the crushing cavity, special equipment should be used. It is strictly forbidden to perform these tasks by hand to avoid An accident occurred.
Our hammer crusher operators must do their due diligence. During the operation of the machine, they should take regular patrol inspections and observe the working conditions of the various parts of the crusher and the bearing temperature by means of watching, listening and touching. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, personnel who are not familiar with the operating procedures are not allowed to operate the hammer crusher alone, so as to avoid bringing safety hazards to the hammer crusher and our people.