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The advantages of vertical impact crusher



2020-10-20 15:57:54 1102

Vertical impact crusher is a new type of high-yield crushing equipment, which is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, cement and chemical industries. The adoption of new crushing concepts improves the operating efficiency of the equipment and increases the economic benefits of the enterprise. Vertical impact crusher What are the advantages of the crusher? This article summarizes a few points

A vertical impact crusher has a simple structure, a special sealing device is optimized, and the sealing effect is good. It adopts advanced lubrication system, which increases the service life of the bearing and is convenient for maintenance.

ErGold Mine Heavy Industry adopts new type of high wear-resistant materials, which can realize the clinker under the conditions of selecting a reasonable speed and sufficient crushing. It is finely broken, and the service life of wearing parts is relatively long.

Anti-attack crusher plate hammer

Three materials are hit in the cavity Compared with the chance and frequency of counterattack and the (horizontal) counterattack crusher, it has increased a bit, so that the material will be smashed.

Four because of the increased chance and frequency of crushing the material, it can be equipped with The lower speed can effectively crush the material, thereby prolonging the life of the hammer.

The five vertical impact crusher realizes the adjustable gap between the plate hammer and the impact plate, which is fundamentally guaranteed The average particle size of the discharged material is 03mm. The service life of the blower is at least 23 times longer than that of the original model, which reduces the cost of the blower by 50%.

Reaction crushing The machine counterattack plate

The six hammer can be used in four directions upside down and U-turn, which reduces the cost and inventory of spare parts. The hammer uses a special structure of screw connection and is installed on the hammer plate, which improves Reliability of equipment operation.