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The choice of impact crusher is a certain red star crusher network



2020-09-17 18:57:54 1118

We often dont get entangled in the use of crushers. The entanglement is that we buy crushers. Everyone knows that the purchase is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Sometimes when we use them, we may not be able to buy a good crusher. Today we will take counter-type crushing. In terms of machine, see how we can choose a good impact crusher, and we will understand at a glance

(1) Crushing The ratio is higher than 40. When the same size of the crushed product is required, the particle size of the incoming material is allowed to increase, which is beneficial to reduce the secondary blasting and meet the layout of single-stage crushing. Compared with the two-stage crushing, it is not only simple in process, but also large Reduce the energy consumption per unit of crushing by about 30%.
(2) The ability to control the particle size of the product is high, and the device for adjusting the particle size is convenient and reasonable. Not only the particle size of the super large diameter in the product is controlled to be less than 5%, but also the product of the too fine particle size Less, that is, the crushing of the material should be small. It can be adjusted by the hydraulic device. It is conducive to the overall energy saving of the process line.
(3) The impact crusher has the function of automatic iron discharging, or the flywheel overload protection (cutting insurance) Pin) or safety clutch to ensure that the equipment is not threatened by metal foreign objects during the operation.
These are things that many of our users need, so we must do a good job in the development of this aspect during our use, and ultimately make us The impact crusher has a better attribution, enabling our users to better choose products, use products, and complete the ultimate goal. For more information, visit