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The crushers main shaft system has limitations in thermal deformation and fine crushing



2020-08-28 21:57:54 1095

The thermal deformation of the main shaft system of the crusher should not be underestimated. The use of hot and then finely crushed methods also has its limitations. The accuracy of the results has an impact, so we must optimize. At present, in the crushing of the crusher, Professor Chen of the University of Michigan in the United States and others have proposed online measurement data of up to 32 error sources including geometric errors. Processing and error re-fine crushing system Shanghai Jiaotong University has proposed a robust modeling method, and many scholars use neural network methods for crusher crushing and then finely crushing. The key technology for crusher crushing and then finely crushing is to establish a suitable crusher crushing model and error In the re-fine crushing mode, the thermal deformation and then fine crushing device of the crusher spindle system can be divided into the following two categories: one thermal displacement and then fine crushing. The detection device compares the thermal displacement of the crusher spindle shaft end and the thermal angular displacement of the axis with the corresponding allowable values at any time. Once the allowable value is exceeded, the servo mechanism starts to move, and the CNC system of the equipment gives the workpiece or tool a corresponding direction of fine crushing movement to offset the processing error caused by the thermal displacement of the crusher spindle, such as the German GNIN company and the Swiss company FISCHER company can provide a re-crushing device for the thermal elongation of the Feng Shaft. FISCHER company uses a precision displacement sensor to measure the elongation of the crushers main shaft. GMN company first measures the temperature of the outer ring of the front bearing, and then calculates the elongation of the birth shaft. The Z-axis is then finely smashed through the digital earning system. Second, the thermal symmetry is then finely smashed. The temperature of each typical area of the system is first measured by the temperature sensor. When the non-symmetry of the temperature field exceeds the preset allowable error, it will Heating or cooling by an external heat source at the opposite position keeps the temperature field of the system symmetrical and reduces thermal deformation.
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