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The crushing plate is directly related to the life of the jaw crusher



2020-09-24 06:57:54 1061

A complete jaw crusher is indispensable to several important parts such as the fixed body rotating body safety device adjustment device bearing jaw plate, and each of them has no relationship to the crushing efficiency of the jaw crusher. In the above parts, there is one I know that it does affect the efficiency of the jaw crusher, that is, a small part of the jaw crusher is also called the crushing plate of the more easily worn part.

The service life of the crushing plate is directly related to the working efficiency and Production cost, it is very important to extend the service life of the crushing plate of the jaw crusher. The super wear-resistant external movable jaw crusher series of Gold Mine Machine belong to a new generation of high-yield, energy-saving and low-wear crushing equipment. Using the current technical level, The movement of the eccentric shaft is transmitted to the outer movable jaw through the side plate. The advantage of this is that the kinematics and dynamics of the crushing equipment are fundamentally improved, thereby improving the performance of the equipment. Gold Mine Heavy Industry Large-scale Jaw Crushing The machine has been widely recognized in fields such as mines, railways, roads, water conservancy, building materials, coal, and environmental protection. At the same time, related models are also exported to foreign markets.

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