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The factors that determine the durability of the jaw crusher



2020-11-05 09:57:54 1058

We all know that the jaw crusher is an important equipment for rough ore crushing, and it is also a device that breaks quickly. A durable jaw crusher will be several times the production efficiency of ordinary jaw crushing equipment, so how to improve the jaw The durability of crushers has also become a common topic of concern to many manufacturers and users. They all want to know what factors determine the durability of jaw crushers.

Pass Gold Mine Crushing Engineers understand that there are many factors that determine the durability of the jaw crusher, but the main factor is the structure design and daily use of the crushing equipment material, so we will understand from these three aspects

The importance of the materials used in the material manufacturing equipment of the crushing equipment is self-evident. Taking the movable jaw as an example, the movable jaw made of wear-resistant materials far exceeds the ordinary movable jaw in terms of durability and firmness. The time is longer and the maintenance cost is low.

The frame design of the jaw crusher gives the jaw crusher the force of the frame, ensuring that the frame has sufficient strength, rigidity and The accuracy of geometric dimensions, especially the reasonable structure combined with the actual force of the frame, changes the local force to the overall force, which greatly reduces the chance of scrapping the whole machine caused by the damage of important components

Daily The use situation is undoubtedly more important. In addition to daily maintenance, iron and overload should be avoided or reduced as much as possible during use, and the crusher should not be operated under frequent overload conditions to ensure uniform feeding. Very important. The suggestion is to choose a rotating distributor and automatic control feeding. In short, correct use, careful maintenance, and timely maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the crusher and extend its service life.