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The failures and solutions of the compound crusher



2020-10-23 18:57:54 1078

The compound crusher is a kind of adjustable fine crushing equipment without screen bars based on the absorption of advanced fine crushing equipment at home and abroad. It can be widely used in the fine crushing of raw material and clinker in cement plants, and can also be used for Dolomite coke, lead-zinc mine, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, phosphate rock and other medium-hard materials are finely crushed. It is especially suitable for artificial sand production such as hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt or the processing and crushing of highway pavement stones. There will also be some problems in the process of long-term use. Lets talk about the failures and solutions of the composite crusher in detail.

One reason for the failure

1 The start and stop of the composite crusher is usually directly driven by the air pressure automatic switch (air pressure relay) to directly drive the AC contactor to automatically control the motor. Most of the air pressure automatic switches adopt a mechanical structure, which uses spring compression and release Energy-operated contact. Perhaps it is the congenital deficiency of the automatic air pressure switch or the impact of different reasons such as improper adjustment.

2 The mechanical operation of the composite crusher, the electrical control is relatively simple (especially small Power type), usually a single unit works independently, in a non-professional operation situation, the occurrence of the fault is not dealt with in time, relatively speaking, the repeated expansion rate of the fault increases.

Second solution

1 When choosing the model of the rotor bearing, it must be selected correctly. Double-row radial spherical roller bearings have the advantages of carrying capacity and emphasizing good core performance, so this is often used when choosing A kind of bearing is used as a rotor bearing. In addition, the calculated life of the bearing should be 500010000h.

2 To improve the bearing condition of the composite crusher. The impact load acting on the bearing depends on The impulse acting on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load on the bearing. For this reason, we can add an appropriate thickness between the bearing seat and the support frame The rubber plate is used to improve the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Due to the addition of the rubber plate, the support flexibility is increased, thereby absorbing a part of the vibration energy, improving the bearing condition of the bearing, and achieving the purpose of extending the service life.