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The first live video, 1 hour and 30 cubic meters of concrete crushing machine is full of prestige



2020-12-23 18:57:54 1055

This is an era of short video. Short video apps such as Douyin Kuaishou Weishi flood the major mobile phone application markets. In the construction field, the recycling of waste concrete has attracted much attention. I want to learn more about the 1 hour 30 cubic meter concrete crushing machine. , The first live video will take you to understand the concrete crushing machinery and equipment of 1 hour and 30 cubic meters.

It can be configured as a crawler type, which can move at any time, and is good at climbing operations. , Not restricted by topography

1, 1 hour 30 cubic meters of concrete crushing machine processing site

2, 1 hour 30 cubic meters Technical parameters of concrete crushing machine

Model HX938F1210

Crusher model PF1210

Maximum feed size 350mm

Generator set (optional) 320kw

Separator model (optional) RCYD(C)8

Main belt conveyor model B8008.5M

Three, 1 hour and 30 cubic meters of concrete crushing machine application advantages

1, Operation mode Advanced concrete crushing machine adopts mobile operation mode, also known as vehicle-mounted mobile counterattack concrete The crusher can be moved at any time, suitable for a variety of occasions, saving processing time and transportation costs, no more production infrastructure construction, diverse operation modes, saving time and effort.

2, the configuration is perfect around The design tenet of integration, simplicity, environmental protection and mobility, the concrete crushing machine of 1 hour and 30 cubic meters is equipped with a full set of crusher, screener, feeder and conveyor, and is equipped with an integrated generator set with extended functions. Under complex conditions such as electricity, it can meet the requirements of normal operations, ensure continuous operation, and ensure the normal progress of production.

3, the level of automation is high The truck-mounted concrete crushing machine adopts a new PLC integrated control system, which can realize free walking ,Remote control, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces costs. The whole machine can be expanded, retracted and folded, and has free conversion functions.

4, The high-capacity and low-polluting machine takes up less space and is designed reasonably. The unique selection of materials can bring higher productivity and benefits to users. In addition, environmental protection and pollution-free is a major advantage of this equipment, and the mature design method creates an ideal green production environment.

5 , Low investment cost 1 hour 30 cubic meters of concrete crushing machine is affordable, low investment, short payback period, and low maintenance cost. It can also provide more flexible process configuration according to customer requirements for material types in the process to satisfy users Mobile crushing and other requirements.

With a multi-functional screening device to achieve integrated crushing and screening operations

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