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The flexible mobile crushing of the impact crusher brings you convenience



2020-07-19 21:57:54 1033

Of course, mobile crushing needs to use a mobile crushing station, which is cost-reduced. The crushing station can drive the selected work site directly without transportation. In addition, the extended unit can directly send the crushed conveyor belt and the material with reduced transportation costs. Can provide More flexible technical plans to meet the different requirements of customers, mobile crushing and mobile screening, according to the material type and product requirements. The work process and the final material transportation will be more effective and effectively reduce costs.

The mobile crushing station includes a primary crushing station and a secondary crushing and screening station. Each crushing station is an independent work unit and can undertake different responsibilities. The conveyor belt between the belt conveyors transports materials. , And stacking to send materials. The mobile crushing station is a bit tall, the width of the truck is smaller than the operating semi-trailer. The turning radius is small, it is easy to drive on the road and driving in the Hash hilly environment more convenient. How much time it saves from the beginning of work The truck-type mobile crushing station provides customers with simple, low-cost equipment combined with features. As for coarse crushing, fine single-piece crushing and screening systems, it can work independently or flexibly with other units. Mobile crushing The vehicles at the station are more convenient to enter the accurate processing area.