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The hammer head of the hammer crusher needs further research



2020-09-18 18:57:54 1080

When using a hammer crusher, we need to pay attention to many problems. How do we make our hammer crusher perform better during use? These are our problems. The hammer head of the hammer crusher is for us. Very important, in order to enable our users to make better use of our hammer crusher, we have done a special research on the hammer for all of us, lets take a look at it in detail

1. Whether the work is reliable. During the impact of the blower and the material, the blower is not allowed to fly away from the rotor, or due to the poor fastening of the blower, causing other mechanical failures, so the fixing of the blower is worth noting Problem. Otherwise, there is no life at all.
2. Is the loading and unloading of the blower convenient, especially the reproduction phenomenon, after a period of work, the various parts of the machine must not be carried out in the ideal condition, such as eccentricity, partial wear, etc., Need to be adjusted in time. Quick loading and unloading is a very important indicator.
3. Whether the metal utilization rate of the blower is reasonable. Because the wear of the blower is inevitable, a blower with a certain weight makes it impossible The quality of use is small, that is, how to choose the shape and space size of the blower to be more reasonable is a question worth considering.
4. To reduce unnecessary wear and improve the service life of the blower, it is necessary to make full use of the rotor. Energy, to improve the crushing ratio, it is necessary to study the large crushing force, and it also has great theoretical value.
5. The timely and reasonable deployment of the plate hammer is very important. The crusher is unstable in operation and has large vibrations. The reason is that after the hammer is worn, the original balance is destroyed, and it is not adjusted by scientific methods.
These are very important to us. I hope that we are all using the hammer crusher. At that time, we can better achieve our goals. Of course, we also know that the problems we explained above about the hammer also need to be studied by all of us, and then applied to our practice. Only in this way can we Can make our hammer crusher have better development, article source