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Can any commonly used crushing machinery be configured as a mobile integrated type?



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What are the commonly used gravel crushing machinery?

The crushed stone after mining must be crushed and processed before it can be used. It usually needs to be crushed by the first-level, second-level or even the third-level crushing to obtain the finished stone or sand. It is used in the fields of building materials, highways, water conservancy and chemical engineering. In the process of crushing, different types of crushers are used, but what are the commonly used crushing machinery? Next, I will do a few more common crushing machinery for you. Introduction

The jaw crusher has a high usage rate.

The jaw crusher can handle all kinds of ores and rocks with a compressive strength of 147,245MPa, and is usually used for bulk materials. The first-level crushing is a commonly used type of crusher in crushing. The jaw crusher is composed of movable jaws, fixed jaws, and upper and lower guard plate frame adjustment seats. It is well-designed and has significant advantages.

Jaw crusher

High output of cone crusher

Cone crusher can process all kinds of ore with medium hardness and above And rock, according to the structure can be divided into single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, full hydraulic cone crusher, Simmons cone crusher, etc. The cone crusher adopts laminated crushing, with large production capacity, and is suitable for large-scale building materials and mineral processing fields. .

Cone Crusher

The impact crusher has good grain shape

The impact crusher is newly manufactured Technology and special structure design. The impact crusher has a certain shaping function. The finished product is cubic, free of tension and cracks, and has a good grain shape. It is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials.

Impact crusher

Hammer crusher is one-time forming

Hammer crusher can be divided into ring hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher according to the type , It adopts the principle of impact crushing, the processed crushed stone can be formed at one time, which greatly reduces the cost of crushed stone production, but at the same time, its wear parts are worn out faster, and are mostly used to process brittle materials below medium hardness.

Hammer crusher

Sand making machine finely crushes sand

Sand making machine is a three-stage crushing equipment, because of its sand formation It is a cube with a more beautiful grain shape and is also called a shaping machine. At present, sand making machines have gradually replaced traditional equipment such as hammer crushers, roller crushers and rod mills, and their position in the sand making market cannot be shaken. br/>

Sand making machine

Can it be configured as a mobile integrated crusher

It is necessary to build a gravel crushing production line Building a cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation will consume a lot of time, manpower and material resources. Many customers and friends will inevitably wonder whether the crushing machine can be configured as a mobile integrated type. The crushing machine can naturally be configured as a mobile integrated type, and it integrates screening and crushing. The equipment is integrated to reduce the space occupation.

The five types of gravel crushing equipment introduced in the previous article can be mounted on the mobile crushing station to form a mobile jaw crusher, a mobile cone crusher, a mobile impact crusher, a mobile hammer crusher and a mobile sand making Machine to meet the production needs of customers.

Mobile crushing classification

Is the mobile integrated crushing machine expensive?

Because the mobile crushing machinery is a product of the new era of high-tech, it can walk smoothly and move operations, which can not only ensure the safe operation of the equipment, but also facilitate the production of customers, so compared to the fixed crushing equipment, the mobile crushing equipment The price of the equipment is naturally higher. For the specific quotation of the equipment, please click on the online consultation, and there will be a professional sales manager to answer you.

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