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The impact crusher is a crusher we rarely talk about



2020-10-07 00:57:54 1059

In fact, we rarely mention impact crushers. Impact crushers also have their own characteristics that our other crushers do not have. When we use them, we need to pay attention to many problems. We must start from the basis of impact crushers. In the process, if we encounter some problems that need to be solved, then we should solve them over a period of time and finally reach our goal.

1 The crushing ratio is large. Impact crushing The crushing ratio of the machine can reach more than 50, while the jaw cone and roller crushers are difficult to exceed 20. Therefore, in the occasions that require single-stage crushing, such as limestone crushing in the cement industry, impact crushers are very common. br /> 2 Product particles are good. Under the action of impact, the material to be crushed is often broken along its fragile layer. This selective crushing method has a higher probability that the particles are in the shape of a cube, so the needle of the impact crusher product The percentage content of flakes can be less than 10, while the percentage content of needle flakes of jaw crushers and roller crushers will be higher than 15. Therefore, where cube particles are required. For example, the non-slip pavement of high-grade highways, Generally, impact crushers are used as final crushing equipment to produce concrete aggregates.
When we produce impact crushers, we also have to deal with details, whether from the production of impact crushers or other aspects. , We all have to be careful, and finally make our impact crusher have a better development, and at the same time make our countrys economic development up, and we can also log on to to learn more about our knowledge .