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Can stones be broken into sand? Is there a fully automatic mobile stone breaker?



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Can stones be beaten into sand?

It is no wonder that stones are beaten into sand. Especially in recent years, the shortage of natural sand and gravel has made sand-making by gravel the main force in the market. Stone sand-blasting production lines have been established in various places, which has pushed up the market for sand supply.

The stone sand-blasting production line site

Mobile sand sand production line site

There are many advantages in sand sand sanding, replacing natural sand, and the market is very wide. What are the advantages of sand sand made from stones?

1The particle size of the sand from the stones is uniform and fine, and the particle size can be adjusted according to the needs of users to meet the various needs of the market for sand. , Structures built with machine-made sand have a longer service life

3 Compared with natural sand, the sand made from stones has a single composition, stable chemical properties and more durable

4 The hourly output can be up to 500 tons in fixed type and 300 tons in mobile type. Higher production capacity also supports customized production, and strong sand supply capacity

5 The sand sanding is in line with the national sustainable development concept, as long as it meets the Environmental protection requirements are strongly supported by the country.

Stone sand has many advantages, large capacity, high quality, and controllable specifications

Is there a fully automatic mobile rockbreaker for sandblasting machine

The prosperity of the sand and gravel aggregate industry has also promoted the development of the sandblasting machine industry. There are many types of equipment that can be used for stone sandblasting, such as HVI Sand making machine VSI sand making machine compound crushing machine, etc., these equipment are traditional fixed sand blowers, which have great limitations in themselves, require frequent infrastructure construction, large area, and high requirements for site size and topography. The environmental protection performance is not good, etc., so the Gold Mine manufacturer has concentrated on the research and development and launched a new type of sand-blasting equipment fully automatic mobile stone crusher.

Fully automatic Mobile rockbreaker crawler or tire type walking chassis, the fuselage is more flexible and changeable

Automatic mobile rockbreaker is a device that can realize mobile sanding, and can be configured with tires according to user needs Or the crawler-type mobile chassis consists of a tire-type mobile rockbreaker and a crawler-type Wotetrack dual-power mobile rockbreaker, which can go deep into the raw material site for nearby sandblasting, without infrastructure, and quickly put into production. It is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, especially the latter crawler-type Wotetrack double The power mobile rockbreaker is hydraulically driven, with dual energy supply from oil and electricity, one-button control, remote operation, higher intelligence and stronger adaptability.

Gold Mine users Fully automatic mobile sand crushing site, high degree of automation, time-saving and labor-saving

Users said that the full-automatic mobile sand crushing production line purchased from Gold Mine factory a year ago can only be said to be really easy to use ,The whole production line is automatic With a high degree of chemistry, it can complete the sand production by itself, reducing the amount of labor, saving a large amount of labor, and without infrastructure, it can be put into production quickly, and it can be directly produced at the site, which is really worry-free and labor-saving.

The automatic mobile rock crusher is intelligent and high-yield, crushing construction waste into high-quality sand and gravel aggregates.

Users said that the full set of fully automatic mobile crushers purchased at Gold Mine The stone machine is really easy to use. Input construction waste to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregates. The whole machine has a high degree of automation, a small footprint, strong site adaptability, no infrastructure, fast production, and a good shuttle between towns. Our factory has brought substantial benefits, and the environmental protection type of this equipment is also very good. Under the current environmental protection inspection, our factory will not be affected and production will be downstream.

Gold Mine fully automatic mobile The sand-breaking machine is high-yield and convenient, and the price is reasonable.

Gold Mine automatic mobile rock-breaker has high-yield and quick sand-breaking production, and the equipment is at a fair price. Users are welcome Come to inspect the test machine

Henan Gold Mine has been engaged in the crushing machinery industry for more than forty years. It has a large modern production plant, a professional technical team, rich practical experience, reliable quality of equipment, and reasonable factory direct prices. , If you are interested in the stone sand-blasting project and want to purchase a high-quality and low-cost mobile stone crusher, you can consult for free, and the Gold Mine technology manufacturer will serve you wholeheartedly.