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The main structural characteristics of circular vibrating screen



2020-10-25 06:57:54 1047

Circular vibrating screen is mainly used in sand and gravel field, as a supporting equipment of crushing machinery, to classify various building materials and stones. It can also be used for material screening in coal mining, hydropower and chemical industries. It is mainly composed of screen box screen vibrator and reducer Vibration springs, etc. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of the screen box, and is driven by the motor through the triangle belt to rotate, generating centrifugal inertia force, forcing the screen box to vibrate. The Yk series circular vibrating screen produced by our company is mainly composed of the screen box vibration exciter Transmission device supporting device and other components. Lets introduce the main structural features of the circular vibrating screen.

1 Vibration exciter

The exciter is a single-axis block eccentric external exciter structure. Both exciters are composed of main eccentric block and eccentric block bearing protection cover and other parts and are fixed on the two side plates of the screen box with bolts. The vibrators are connected by a universal joint drive shaft, so that they can maintain synchronous operation.

2 screen box

screen box from the side Plate beam screen reinforced steel plate and other components. In order to ensure firmness and reliability, the side plate of the screen machine is made of a whole piece of steel plate, except for the welding of the beam steel pipe and the flange connection, all other parts are connected by torsion shear type high-strength bolts. The special pull plate is tightened, which is easy to install and disassemble and work reliably.

3 Support device

There is a rubber spring on the support. The rubber spring is an elastic element, and the screen box is passed through the rubber spring. It is supported on a support to isolate the vibration of the screen box.

4 Transmission

The motor passes through the tire coupling and excites the vibration. The device is connected to realize the transmission of motion.