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The mobile hammer crusher with an output of 300 tons per hour is set out in Hebei and will be produced immediately after landing



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Mobile crushers are now playing an increasingly important role in the sand and gravel industry. Gold Mine Machine can clearly feel that the number of customers who come to the factory to inspect mobile crushers has increased rapidly in the past six months. Among these customers, some customers are optimistic about the city In the construction waste recycling and treatment industry, I plan to invest in a construction waste recycling treatment plant. Some customers do not have enough space to tile the production line. I have heard that the mobile crusher has a small footprint and can be used. I plan to investigate if it is appropriate to invest and have customers dedicated to running The advantage of being able to move operations comes from. In short, different customers have gathered in the Gold Mine Mine Machinery Factory for reasons such as this and bought mobile crushers that meet their own production conditions.

Customers come to the factory to visit and inspect the mobile crushing station

Gold Mine Machinery, the mobile crushers that have been produced and sold so far include mobile jaw crushers, mobile impact crushers, mobile sand making machines, and mobile crushers. Heavy hammer crusher, mobile fine crusher, etc., of which the mobile hammer crusher is very popular because of its simple configuration and a large output machine that can complete the crushing operations required by customers. This is not the case for users who invest in the Hebei stone factory.

Mobile crushers of different classifications

The mobile hammer crusher with an output of 300 tons per hour is set out in Hebei and will be produced immediately after landing

Project information Hebei 300 tons per hour mobile processing stone plant

Equipment configuration tire mobile hammer crusher (equipped with PCZ1610 heavy hammer broken ZSW490110 vibrating feeder 3YK2460 vibrating screen)

When the production capacity is 300 tons

Feeding size 900mm

Finished product size 05mm510mm1023mm

Factory price 700,000

The advantages of the solution are large feeding and fine discharging, high crushing ratio, low investment cost, no installation, direct production and convenient movement

Mobile heavy hammer breaks single production On-site

Customer feedback When the Gold Mine manager recommended this mobile hammer at the beginning, I was a little hesitant, afraid that it would not meet the C30 concrete production standard. Later, the Gold Mine manager showed me other customers At the scene, I also really consulted the opinions of other old customers and checked their stone products on the spot, and finally decided to buy one. Now it has been in production for more than half a year, my initial investment has long been paid back, and its capabilities Very strong, I am very grateful to Gold Mine, and thank the manager who recommended the equipment to me, so that I can buy such a satisfactory machine.

Multiple crawlers Mobile crusher production site

In addition to the use feedback sent by Hebei users to Redstar, users in many areas who use mobile crushers have also sent feedback and suggestions for improvement. Redstar machines always insist on Customers provide suitable economical and high-quality mining machinery processing equipment , And actively adopt the improvement suggestions put forward by our customers for the better development of Gold Mine, and continuously improve our service quality, just to better serve our customers

Gold Mine Machinery, welcome your arrival.

Nowadays, all kinds of mining equipment produced by Gold Mine Machinery are not only popular in China, but also sold to more than 160 countries and regions. 200,000 customers have witnessed Gold Mine for 40 years. The development and growth of Gold Mine. Gold Mine hereby expresses its heartfelt gratitude to our customers who have always supported the development of Gold Mine, and assures you that through the years to come, we will go with you through wind and rain, and will only be your caring service steward for the rest of your life.