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The new development goal of mobile impact crusher



2020-08-26 12:57:54 1039

The mobile impact crusher is developed on the basis of the traditional impact crusher. The outstanding feature of the mobile impact crusher is that it is convenient to move, which has given it the upper hand in the crusher market recently. Many customers even care What are the next development goals for the mobile impact crusher in the future? Our technicians have recently simply predicted the future development goals of the mobile impact crusher.

1 The improvement of the mobile impact crusher Some impact crusher structures, hard ore and equipment maintenance are convenient to increase the pressing capacity. It is mainly focused on improving the hammer and rotor so that it is easy to exchange and install the hammer, thereby improving the primary crushing rate and utilization.
2 Research and develop a new type of mobile impact crusher and blower, with high toughness, high wear resistance, improve the service life of blower, and increase productivity.
3 Modern mechatronics and modern control methods (such as hydraulic systems, The application of electrical technology) continuously improves the automation of the crusher and reduces the labor intensity. For example, the use of modern computer-aided design to optimize the anti-frame structure parameters to improve the energy utilization efficiency and the primary crushing rate of ore.

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