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The precursor of the swelling of the cone crusher



2020-07-17 09:57:54 1045

Cone crusher is a sign of belly swelling. If the belly is swollen, it is very uncomfortable. It means that you are sick. If you are sick, you must see a doctor to prescribe the right medicine to treat our disease. The same reasoning is that the ball mill is swollen, which means it has a problem. , The reason for the swelling of the conical ball mill is that the amount of ore in the ball mill is large. At this time, the steel ball ore runs with the barrel of the ball mill, and the ore particle size of the ball mill discharge port becomes coarse. At this time, the work of the ball mill becomes smaller. When the electric energy is converted into kinetic energy, the electric energy becomes smaller, and the electric energy becomes smaller. Under a certain voltage, the change caused by the decrease of the electric energy is the decrease of the current value. The precursors of the expansion of the cone ball mill are mainly as follows: 1 Look at the ball mill to the mine Whether the mouth is spitting material. 2 Look at the current control cabinet of the ball mill. 3 Listen to the sound of the ball mill. If the ball mill swells, the sound becomes smaller and dull. Among them, it is particularly important to note that if the ball mill swells, its current value will become smaller. In this regard, many operators and engineers have the opposite understanding, which is a wrong view. In addition, the staff must master the important parameters of daily adjustment, which is an important content that directly reflects the level of staff operation and the efficiency of ball mill grinding. Mainly from the feed Speed, current control cabinet, and the sound of the ball mill are smooth, you can see in advance whether a ball mill is operating normally. (source cone crusher )