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The quality should be controlled in the coarse crushing stage of sand and gravel production



2020-10-06 12:57:54 1087

We know that in the sand and gravel production line, the production of sand and gravel has to go through several processes such as coarse crushing (one-stage crushing), two-stage crushing, sand making and fine crushing, sand washing, etc. The quality of the finished particles of sand making and fine crushing directly affects the sales of sand and stone plants. , Generally pay more attention to the fine crushing stage of sand making, but Gold Mine reminds users that the coarse crushing stage is also very important. The particles in the coarse crushing stage need to meet certain indicators to ensure the normal progress of the subsequent stages.

In the coarse crushing stage, we use a series of jaw crusher equipment. The jaw crusher crushes the stone into crushed stone particles (also called wool) that meets the index for the second stage of crushing. The indexes involved are Whether the woolen material particle size or the mud content of the woolen material exceeds the standard. In the coarse crushing index, the woolen material particle refers to the size of the stone material after being crushed by the crusher. When the wool material particle size is too large, the stone material cannot pass through the leaking space, causing the stone to be stacked in the leaking material space. It will cause the crusher to be blocked, and it will need to be shut down for cleaning to run normally. The wool particles are too small, and the semi-finished products will not be well graded to meet the needs of users, which will affect the work efficiency and economic benefits of the sand and gravel production line.

The mud content index of the coarse crushed material refers to the fact that a piece of crushed stone cannot contain too much sediment or mud. Excessive sediment content in the coarse material will seriously affect the quality of the finished sand. Especially for mud and mud stones, the effect of washing through the sand washing machine in time is not good.

Therefore, Gold Mine recommends that users and friends should fully control the coarse crushing stage when they want to improve the economic efficiency of sand production. For the various indicators of sand and gravel particles, only the control of the coarse crushed sand and gravel indicators can make the sand and gravel production line operate normally and ensure the quality of the sand and gravel to meet the needs of users.