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The reason why Red Star has studied the flywheel of the jaw crusher



2020-08-02 18:57:54 1041

The flywheel components of the jaw crusher are mainly composed of belt pulleys and counterweight wheels.Usually we say that the jaw crusher flywheel means that the jaw crusher cannot operate normally for crushing operations, and the flywheel components of the equipment are still in motion.

The jaw crusher is a crushing machine that works intermittently, and its energy load is not balanced. It happens that the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is equipped with a flywheel device. The flywheel is good in the jaw crusher. The static balance function of the flywheel can also convert the energy storage into the operation of the flywheel to drive the eccentric shaft to operate. However, there will also be some problems with the flywheel, or the equipment parts related to the flywheel cannot operate normally. For example, the jaw crusher cannot operate normally for crushing However, the observation equipment found that the flywheel components are still rotating. The main reasons are that Gold Mine has analyzed two types.

1 The damage of the eccentric shaft pull rod device of the jaw crusher causes the toggle plate to lose its support, and the pull rod spring After the failure, the toggle plate slips out from the tie rod support block. Due to the heavy workload, the toggle plate of the jaw crusher breaks, the output granularity cannot be adjusted, and the main machine of the jaw crusher stops. Solution Check the components related to the toggle plate The operating conditions should be adjusted in time. When the toggle plate breaks and fails, replace new parts and then install it.

2 When the flywheel fails, the flywheel rotates, but the eccentric shaft cannot run or the running speed is slow. The crusher cannot perform the crushing work. The possible reason is that the connection key of the belt wheel and the flywheel is loose or broken. Without the connection function, the belt wheel and the flywheel cannot operate synchronously, which causes the flywheel and the eccentric shaft to not operate synchronously, and the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to fail. Solution Check the flywheel connection key, and if it is found to be loose or damaged, it should be repaired in time to ensure that the minute wheel and the eccentric shaft can operate synchronously, and the equipment can operate normally for crushing operations.

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