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The related introduction of the safety device of the jaw crusher



2020-11-15 12:57:54 1108

When the jaw crusher falls into a non-crushing object, in order to prevent damage to the important parts of the jaw crusher, an overload protection device is usually installed. That is, the safety device. There are two types of hydraulic safety devices (hydraulic connecting Rod hydraulic friction clutch) and toggle plate safety device. The following is the relevant introduction of the jaw crusher safety device.

Hydraulic safety device

The structure is compact and reliable, and the non-broken materials can be discharged naturally, and the moving jaw can be automatically reset and cannot be stopped. Therefore, the hydraulic safety device is widely used, and it is also one of the trends in the development of jaw crushers. According to Gold Mine Heavy Industry, it must be equipped with a dedicated The hydraulic system has higher requirements than the hydraulic sealing parts of hydraulic components and parts, otherwise it is prone to oil leakage. Therefore, hydraulic safety devices are generally used for large-scale simple pendulum jaw crushers.

Toggle plate safety device

Small and medium-sized compound pendulum jaw crushers all use the toggle plate as a safety part. Improve its ability to use, so that it can overload the machine When the bracket is broken first, the purpose of insurance is achieved. Because the bracket is a relatively simple and affordable part of the machine, it is widely used and cost-effective. When the bracket is broken, the machine will stop, and the new bracket should be replaced. It can only work. The disadvantage of the bracket safety room is that due to improper design, it does not break when overloaded, or it breaks when there is no overload, which affects production. Therefore, when designing, it should be determined that the bracket pressure caused by the crushing force , In order to design that the overload damage is outside the area of the bracket. In the structural design, the bracket safety device should have a higher overload damage sensitivity.