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The shortage of titanium dioxide will promote the rapid development of the crushing industry



2020-07-25 15:57:54 1037

The supply of titanium dioxide is in short supply, and it is likely to usher in a new round of global titanium dioxide price surge. At present, the wholesale price of titanium dioxide has exceeded 5,200 yuan (rutile type). The price range of titanium dioxide has increased by more than 12.1.

Professionals predict that three reasons will cause the price of titanium dioxide to continue to rise in 2011. First, the titanium dioxide market is currently a more popular period, and the market supply is quite tight. Second, it is because energy conservation and raw materials are in short supply. , Vietnams import companys titanium concentrate bid to 11,001,150 yuan. The production capacity of titanium dioxide is not expected to be successfully expanded in the era. Third, the main raw materials for rising prices, such as sulfuric acid and titanium slag, will increase the cost of titanium dioxide. Therefore, the price will rise sharply. Jiangsu has a relatively low price of titanium dioxide. The person in charge of the paint company said that this year, due to the shortage of raw materials in the global coatings market, the pigment market will always be tight. But the Chinese market, so it attracts a large number of buyers , And the export volume will increase significantly.

There are two types of titanium dioxide that can be used for economic exploitation of titanium minerals and titanium placers. In fact, the production process of titanium dioxide can be divided into pre-grinding equipment and Ultrafine grinding equipment includes interventional grinding Raymond mills, sanders, vibration mills, etc. At present, as the titanium dioxide market heats up, the signs have also risen to the surface. Driven by value-added profits, manufacturers not only need to check titanium The production process of white powder is strictly controlled, but it is also the work that must be completed in the post-processing of crude oil titanium dioxide

It seems that the heavy industry company is stepping up research and innovating high-quality such as mills, crushers, etc., each machine has With their own advantages, they are suitable for different types of ore. Titanium dioxide grinders and other post-processing equipment manufacturers will get more attention. It is quite optimistic about the sales prospects of mills. The positive demand for titanium dioxide will attract more Investors, making industrial crushing equipment will also be a new round of the market.