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The specific performance of energy saving and environmental protection of impact crusher



2020-09-04 12:57:54 1098

Todays society is already a sustainable society, and various mining machinery and equipment have begun to focus on the development of environmental protection and energy saving. For this production situation, various production companies have also increased their environmental protection and energy saving improvements. This is how the impact crusher is. An environmentally friendly equipment, the specific performance is as follows

1. The impact rock breaker can effectively process materials with a large moisture content and prevent clogging in the processed materials. When the amount of water is too large, the feed chute and the impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the sticking of materials.

2. It is convenient and flexible to adjust the discharge size of the impact crusher. Various ways to adjust the discharge particle size, such as adjusting the rotor speed to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber, etc.

3. High utilization rate of wear and small metal impact crusher plate The wear of the hammer only occurs on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed material will fall to the surface of the hammer (battering surface), and the back and sides of the hammer will not be worn.

4.Compared to the jaw crusher (the hammer head is in a hanging state), the rotor of the impact crusher has greater momentum, adapts to crushing harder materials, and has lower energy consumption.

5. The replacement of spare parts is simple and the maintenance cost is low. Only 6 blow bars are installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, and it only takes one shift to replace a set of blow bars. The replacement of the grinding rods in the bottom grinding cavity only requires a few It takes only ten minutes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of overhaul and maintenance.

The impact crusher not only has a large response in our country, but it has also gradually emerged in the crushing market. With its simple structure and high-yield production capacity, the machine firmly occupies a place in the crusher market and has become the most rapidly developing crusher equipment in the crushing industry.