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The structure of cone crusher



2020-12-02 09:57:54 1040

The cone crusher mainly includes several parts such as the fixed outer cone of the main shaft of the frame, the movable inner cone of the eccentric sleeve of the liner and the lubrication system of the liner safety device.

1 Frame

The frame is the assembly basis of the cone crusher. It consists of an upper frame body and a lower frame body. The former is a welded part and the latter is an integral steel casting. They are connected by hydraulic cylinders with wear-resistant liners and protective covers.

2 Spindle

The center wheel of the spindle and the lower frame of the frame adopts a small cone. Interference fit assembly, the spindle has axial and radial lubricating holes.

3 eccentric sleeve

The eccentric sleeve is equipped with a high-lead bronze bushing and fixed by screws , The lower part is equipped with a large bevel gear and a thrust bearing through a bolt. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, it drives the movable cone to swing motion.

4 Movable inner cone

The movable cone is hinged at a point, the lower end of which is inserted in the eccentric bushing, the upper part of the movable cone is bolted to fix the feed plate assembly, and the lower part is installed with a spherical bearing bush. There is between the movable cone and the fixed cone. A parallel belt with equal gaps makes the finished material uniform and the size of the feed inlet is appropriate.

5Fixed outer cone

It is statically placed on the machine and is the machine Part of the frame, the upper part of the fixed cone is installed with a feeding hopper. In order to prevent the cone from being worn, the inner surface is equipped with an annular umbrella-shaped manganese steel liner, and the outside of the fixed cone is a trapezoidal thread that matches the adjusting ring.

6 Safety device

The connection between the support sleeve and the frame body is compressed by a spring. When an unbreakable object such as a metal block falls into the cone crusher, the spring is Compression deformation is generated, foreign matter is discharged, and insurance is used to prevent machine damage.

7 Lubrication system

The centralized thin oil lubrication system is adopted, and the discharge port size can be adjusted Start the hydraulic station to adjust by pushing the cylinder. When the material that cannot be crushed enters the crushing chamber, the spring safety device can protect the equipment from damage.