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The use of bearings in the jaw crusher requires us to further



2020-09-15 03:57:54 1076

In the use of the jaw crusher, the bearing is very important. When using the jaw crusher, how should we deal with the bearing? This requires us all to make the following preparations. These are all during our use. Some of the problems encountered, in order to help you quickly solve the problems mentioned to you, lets take a look at it in detail

If the shaft is not bent too much , It can be repaired by polishing the journal slip ring. If the bending exceeds 0.2mm, the shaft can be placed under the press, and the bend can be corrected under pressure. The corrected shaft surface can be cut and polished with a lathe. If the bend is too large , You need to replace it with a new shaft.
When the journal is worn, the journal can be plated with a layer of chromium, and then ground to the need for more size wear, you can perform surfacing on the journal , And then cut and polish on the lathe. If the journal is worn too much, turn 23mm on the journal, then turn a sleeve, put it on the journal while it is hot, and then turn to the required size.
< These are very important to us. Above we explained some bearing problems about the jaw crusher. We must pay attention to this aspect during the specific use process. Only in this way can we be better. Use our jaw crusher, official website