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The work content of the jaw crusher bearing assembly



2020-11-24 03:57:54 1126

Assembly work of movable jaw bearing

After the movable jaw bearing is heated and hot-assembled with the eccentric shaft, the actual interference of the interference fit should be measured in advance, and then the heating temperature should be determined. After the shaft is assembled, it is inserted into the movable jaw bearing hole by the impact method. At this time, a transition fit is used. The hole should be slightly larger than 0.010.03mm, so the outer ring assembly will not reduce the original clearance. The bearing seal cover of the positioning outer ring must be measured whether it is compressed , It can be adjusted by adding paper gaskets, and the outer ring is not allowed to be loose.

Assembly work of frame bearing

Jaw crusher frame The bearing is placed between the bearing seat and the eccentric shaft and is tightened by the unloading sleeve. The original bearing clearance and the size of the eccentric shaft journal should be measured in advance, the axial movement distance of the withdrawal sleeve shall be calculated, and the working clearance of the bearing after assembly shall be finally measured. The movement of the withdrawal sleeve must meet the reduction of the original clearance, otherwise it will be easily loosened and damaged during use. Tools such as hydraulic nuts must be used here to install the withdrawal sleeve. Gold Mine Heavy Industry believes that after the withdrawal sleeve reaches the assembly position, it should be Lock with a round nut. The stopping method must be reliable. It can be pressed with a lock washer or a lock card, or even a flywheel, and finally positioned by the shaft end baffle. The integral bearing seat is installed on the frame of the jaw crusher , High-strength bolts should be used and must be tightened with a torque wrench. The bolts here are assembled with pre-tightening force. The pre-tightening force should reach the standard value of the bolt of this specification, otherwise the bolt will loosen or even break during use.

In summary, after the jaw crusher bearing is assembled, the amount of lubricating grease filling should be controlled at three-half of the bearing space, and the cavities on both sides of the bearing should be empty to accommodate the grease extruded in use , Do not add too much grease to increase the friction resistance of the bearing. When changing the grease, all the old grease should be cleaned, and different greases cannot be mixed. When the grease is aging and clogging the refueling hole, the thin oil can be injected under pressure to open the refueling channel, and then add grease.