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The working principle and structure diagram of the jaw crusher



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The jaw crusher uses the chewing action of the jaws to crush the stone.The stone between the two jaws is crushed by shearing, splitting and squeezing. The finished product has higher specifications, mostly three-dimensional, and no needles. Understanding the working principle and structure diagram of the jaw crusher will help users to choose better quality jaw crusher equipment. The principle of the jaw crusher is better understood, the structure is simpler, and it is in line with the users simplified and high-yield processing Demand.

Jaw Crusher Workshop

Introduction of a Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Work Principle

The crushing cavity of the jaw crusher presents a v-shape, and the stone enters from the upper part of the v. Under the action of gravity and the movable jaw plate pushes down, it constantly rushes to the lower part of the v, and the stone is located in the lower part. It is broken into smaller particles by continuous squeezing, shearing, and splitting. When the moving jaw is far away from the static jaw, it is at the bottom. The stone that has been broken into a qualified particle size is discharged from the discharge port. When approaching the static jaw, the stone reduces the volume of the material, and the materials are close to each other and squeeze tightly.When the pressure rises to exceed the strength of the material, the stone will be broken and processed through cycles to complete the mass processing requirements.

Dynamic simulation diagram of jaw crusher principle

Structure diagram of jaw crusher

jaw crusher As a coarse crushing equipment often used in sand and gravel production lines, it has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, etc., and is very easy to operate and maintain. The main components of the jaw crusher include the movable jaw plate, the static jaw plate side guard plate, the thrust plate, and the eccentric shaft pulley. The adjustment block and motor, etc., are all advanced materials, which provide a strong guarantee for the high-yield operation of the jaw crusher.

Structure diagram of the jaw crusher

Operation skills of jaw crusher

1 Operators need to undergo systematic technical training before taking up their posts, establish safety awareness, and use the equipment reasonably and correctly.

2Equipment During operation, it is strictly forbidden to peep into the machine from the upper part of the jaw breaking machine, or perform any adjustments and maintenance, or put your hands in the feed opening to move the stones in the machine to prevent accidental injury.

3 The electrical equipment of the jaw breaking machine must be in contact with the ground, and the wires must be installed in the insulating tube.

4 During the use of the jaw breaking machine, the equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, which can effectively extend the equipment The service life of the jaw crusher.

The reasonable and correct use of the jaw crusher can effectively increase the output of the jaw crusher and extend the life.

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