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The yesterday of the jaw crusher together



2020-06-27 03:57:53 1117

Nowadays, jaw crushers are more widely used crushers. Jaw crushers are not only used in high-speed railway construction, cement industry, coal mines, but also often haunt us, showing its brilliance. The jaw crusher is yesterday again. How?
This section lets us travel to the yesterday of the jaw crusher together and witness the growth experience of the jaw crusher. The current crushing machinery is gradually improved and promoted after the steam engine and the electric motor. Created. The first to appear is the roller crusher driven by a steam engine. In 1858, Blake in the United States developed a jaw crusher for crushing rocks. In 1878, the United States developed a gyratory crusher with continuous crushing action. The production efficiency of the crusher is significantly higher than that of the jaw crusher for intermittent crushing. In 1895, William of the United States developed an impact crusher with lower energy consumption.

So far, the jaw crusher is more colorful in terms of model and function. Our crusher manufacturers have built special jaw crushers for all walks of life to avoid wasting a lot of money and manpower. Let customers get two rewards with one payment.