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There is a test run called a cone crusher, which is no-load test run.



2020-09-17 15:57:54 1056

Everyone knows that our equipment has been developed. When users come to buy it, we need to carry out a test run of the equipment. The cone crusher is no exception. When we use it, we must pay attention to these problems. There is also a rule for test run. There are two problems, namely the no-load test run and load test run of the cone crusher. These two steps must be done before the cone crusher starts.

First, lets look at the no-load test run.
1. The cone crusher starts and stops according to the start procedure, and all relevant interlocking systems should meet the technical requirements.
2. The cone crushers moving cone is positive or Reverse rotation (rotation) should not exceed 15 revolutions per minute.
3. The bevel gear should not have impact and periodic noise.
4. The lubrication system is working normally, and the oil pressure should be 0.51. Within the range of 5kgcm2, the oil return temperature should not exceed 50 (the on-load test run is not allowed to exceed 60).
5.The hydraulic adjustment device of the hydraulic equipment should be locked and adjusted according to its operating procedures to adjust the discharge port to meet the required size. br/>6. The normal continuous operation time should not be less than 2h, generally until the qualification requirements are met.

These are the issues we should pay more attention to when using , The cone crusher is the same as other jaw crushers, impact crushers and other crushers. Only when safety is ensured, can all of us be able to use it. We hope that we all pay more attention to these factors when using it. Our cone crusher has a good development.