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Two types of wedge adjustment devices for jaw crushers



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The wedge adjustment device of the jaw crusher can realize stepless adjustment, convenient adjustment, no need to stop, simple structure, convenient production. Its overall size and weight are relatively large, which increases the size of the machine, so it is used for small and medium-sized jaws Crusher. This kind of device is a relatively old-fashioned device. The jaw crusher wedge adjustment device is divided into two types, vertical and horizontal, which will be described in detail below.

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Vertical wedge adjustment device

With the help of two vertical brackets between the rear toggle plate and the rear wall of the frame The placed wedges move relatively to realize the adjustment of the discharge opening of the jaw crusher. Turn the nut on the bolt to make the adjustment wedge move up or down along the rear wall of the frame, and push the adjusting seat forward or backward Move, thereby pushing the movable jaw of the toggle plate to achieve the purpose of adjusting the discharge opening.

The important part of the jaw crusher is the movable jaw

Horizontal wedge adjustment device

With the help of the relative movement of the horizontally placed wedge between the rear toggle base and the rear wall of the frame, the jaw crusher discharge opening is adjusted. On the rear wall there is an adjustment mechanism composed of a rear toggle wedge and a shaft with positive and negative threads, and a transmission device composed of a motor and a turbo reducer. The other end of the shaft has a handle. It can be adjusted on the left and right sides of the machine, and The wedge will not be skewed during the adjustment process.

The jaw plate of the important part of the jaw crusher

In summary, the vertical wedge adjustment Both the device and the horizontal wedge adjustment device have their own special advantages. Therefore, Gold Mine Heavy Industries has compared the two adjustment methods. The horizontal adjustment is convenient. Both the left and right sides of the jaw crusher can be adjusted, and the wedge will not be adjusted during the adjustment process. Skew. Since one person cannot screw two bolts at the same time, it does not guarantee that the two wedges will rise or fall synchronously, so adjustment is not convenient.

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