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Types of andesite crushers and selection techniques



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Andesite has good compression resistance and fire resistance. It is a high-quality raw material for the production of machine-made sand. To process the mined natural andesite into andesite sandstone, crushing equipment is needed. Then what are the crushers that can be used to crush andesite? In the actual operation process , How should we choose the andesite crusher is here for everyone to answer one by one.

A crusher that can be used to crush andesite

Andesite The main component is silicon dioxide, and its Mohs hardness is generally less than 7 grades. It has strong compressive capacity. According to the characteristics of andesite materials, combined with the crushers compressive capacity and the principle of crushing materials, we can draw a crushing that can be used to crush andesite The machine has five types of jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, fine crusher and impact crusher. The scope and performance of each type of crusher are different. They can be used in different stages in the andesite crushing production line, but andesite crushing Which crushers to choose in the production line should be determined according to your actual situation.

Andesite jaw crusher

Two andesite crusher selection Skills

There are many types of andesite crushers, but in actual operations, it is impossible to use andesite crushers at the same time. However, under normal circumstances, multiple andesite crushers operate at the same time to achieve andesite crushing. At this time, we You need to choose according to your actual situation. The following is the selection of andesite crushers.

1 According to the hardness and fragility of the andesite material, select a suitable andesite crusher

2 According to the particle size of the andesite material and our requirements for the particle size and shape of the product, combined with the size of the incoming and outgoing materials of the andesite crusher, select a suitable andesite crusher. It may be that one device can meet our requirements, but in reality The situation tells us that two equipment are usually needed to meet our requirements. One thing to remember in this link is that the feed and output particle sizes of the two equipment must be coordinated, and the output particle size of the front equipment must be smaller than the feed size of the following equipment.

3 According to our production requirements, the specifications and models of the andesite crusher are finally determined. If a single equipment cannot meet the demand, we will choose multiple andesite crushers.

Three or three types Commonly used andesite crusher

andesite cone crusher

andesite impact crusher

Henan Gold Mine staff tells everyone based on years of market experience that the three commonly used andesite crushers are jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers. They are used at the same time to form andesite crushing production lines to produce andesite crushing production lines. The sand and gravel materials needed.

The above is about the selection of andesite crusher types and equipment recommendations. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the crushing and processing of andesite. If you have questions, or want to know more About andesite crusher For related information, you can click Free Consultation, Gold Mine Online Customer Service will answer you for free.