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Types of mobile crushers on-site pictures and prices



2021-01-17 00:57:55 1112

With the continuous development of technology, automation has gradually changed human society, such as fully automatic washing machine sweeping robots, etc., making peoples lives more comfortable and convenient. Can crushing production also be intelligent and automated? Today I will introduce a crusher to everyone The mobile crusher contributes to the intelligent production of customers.

Classified by walking mode

Mobile crusher, also called mobile crushing station, is flexible, convenient, and highly mobile. The material can be crushed on site, and it can be moved with the advancement of raw material mining, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials, and also solves the dilemma of users who have to disassemble the installed crushing machinery when changing production sites. At present, the mobile crushing used by users The machine is divided into mobile tire crusher and crawler mobile crusher according to different walking methods.

The semi-trailer frame design of the mobile tire crusher has short wheelbase, small turning radius, and hangs. The front of the car can move freely and walk more on flat road conditions.

The intelligent control system of the crawler mobile crusher, the hydraulic system drives the crawler to travel, and the high-power motor can easily cope with complex road conditions.

Tire-type and crawler-type crushers

The mobile crusher has a PLC intelligent control system, which can remotely control the equipment to work, without the need for workers to operate on-site advanced noise reduction and dust removal System to ensure that green production is equipped with generator sets, which can be used for oil and electricity, and can be produced normally without electricity or power failure.

Classification by crushing host

According to user production needs The main machine of the mobile crusher can choose jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, etc. According to the mainframe matched on the frame, it can be divided into mobile jaw crusher, counterattack mobile crusher, cone mobile crusher, hammer mobile crusher, etc. Etc.

The whole machine of the mobile jaw crusher mainly includes a feeder conveyor and a jaw crusher, which are used for the primary crushing of large stones.

Mobile counterattack The whole crusher includes an impact crusher conveyor and a vibrating screen, which are used for the production of medium and fine crushing, and the finished product has a good grain shape.

The complete machine of the mobile cone crusher includes a cone crusher conveyor and a vibrating screen. It is also used for the production of medium and fine crushing.

The mobile hammer crusher can be equipped with a feeder conveyor and a hammer crusher. Because the hammer crusher can crush the material at one time, it can complete the crushing operation by a single machine .

Mobile crusher classification

Mobile crusher can be operated by a single machine or a combination of multiple machines to realize the classification and crushing of materials. Screening, the production advantages are as follows

Single machine operation, compact structure

Because the hammer crusher does not need to be matched with other crushers, the single machine crushed materials can be formed at one time, so one hammer type The mobile crusher can realize the crushing production of materials.

Multi-machine combination, flexible matching

According to different production needs Please, customers will use different crushing machinery in the production process, and the mobile crusher can be flexibly combined to meet the customers crushing production.

On-site production, convenient transition

Because of the mobility of the mobile crusher, it can be directly driven to the crushing site to complete the customers crushing operation. After completing the crushing of one site, you can also freely change to other sites to work.

Crawler mobile crushing site

Jaw mobile crushing site

Jaw mobile crushing site Cone mobile crushing site

Dozens of models are priced

Mobile crushers have relatively high requirements for production technology, and it is more assured if you buy a mobile crusher or choose a large manufacturer. Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has 40 years of R&D and production experience. The mobile crusher produced is of reliable quality, guarantees safe and green production, the finished product is beautiful in shape, the pricing is scientific and reasonable, and the service system is complete and considerate. Welcome to consult online at any time, or you can visit the factory. Selection.