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50,100 tons/hour sand and gravel hammer crusher writes a new chapter in high production



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Although the old antique hammer crusher in the crusher industry is traditional, the classic is still a classic, and the hammer crusher is constantly changing, and the pursuit of keeping pace with the times is no longer the traditional machine in the eyes of people, but the high The high-tech mining machine, with an hourly output of 50,100 tons of sand and gravel hammer crusher, integrates intelligent, environmental protection and low energy consumption, helping the mining industry to write a new chapter in high production.

Sand. The stone hammer crusher is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and has a high production capacity.

The 50,100 tons per hour sand and stone hammer crusher can achieve one-time forming, using the high-speed hammer of the hammer to break the ore, and the ore is continuously Shattered by impact, the grain is more three-dimensional, and the grading is more reasonable. The sand and gravel hammer crusher is suitable for crushing soft, medium-hard and easy-to-break ore, like our common coal, sand and gravel, construction waste, sandstone, soft rock, pebble and gypsum Limestone and other materials can be easily crushed by a hammer crusher. It has been widely used in industries such as cement clinker machine-made sand power plant desulfurization dry mortar, and has received widespread attention.

One, 50,100 tons of sand per hour Technical parameter table of stone hammer crusher


Rotor diameter length (mm)

Inlet length and width (mm)

Inlet particle size (mm)

Production capacity (Th)

Motor power (kw)

Dimensions (length, width and height (mm)















Second, what is the price of 50,100 tons of gravel hammer crusher per hour

Sand gravel hammer crusher factory workshop in Zhengzhou Gold Mine

There is not only one model of 50,100 tons of sand and gravel hammer crusher per hour, and there are many manufacturers, and the price is not uniform. The price of sand and gravel hammer crusher is still affected by the original Material prices, market prices, geographic areas and other factors. Therefore, to understand the specific prices, you need to consult specific manufacturers. Users can call the Internet and visit the factory to obtain detailed quotations.

Three, 50,100 tons of sand and gravel per hour Hammer crusher work site

Environmental protection work site of a hammer crusher with a capacity of 100 tons per hour

1, strong adaptability It can crush softer ores, and can also process medium-hard ores. The wet material is not blocked. The rotor of the whole machine has greater kinetic energy, and the energy consumption is lower when crushing hard materials.

2, environmentally friendly dust pollution In order to reduce dust pollution, the hammer crusher is equipped with a professional dust removal device spray device. The former can absorb most of the dust particles, and the latter can time and wet the dry powder to reduce dust flying.

3. Convenient discharging adjustment. The gravel hammer crusher can control the discharging particle size by adjusting the speed of the rotor and the gradual adjustment of the counterattack plate and the grinding chamber. The adjustment range is wide, and the finished material particle size can meet the diverse needs of users.

4, the amount of maintenance is small, the operating cost is low, the whole machine has few parts, and the maintenance operation is convenient. The wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, and the wear rate is low, which can greatly reduce the time and time for maintenance and maintenance. Cost.

Small sand and gravel hammer crusher

The 50,100 tons per hour gravel hammer crusher can be customized and the price is affordable , Advanced configuration, please consult our technicians for more details, we will serve you wholeheartedly